Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Fallacy of Destiny

According to the definitions in dictionary, Traditional usage defines destiny as a power or agency that predetermines and orders the course of events. Fate defines events as ordered or "inevitable" and unavoidable. The term Destiny has been conceived over ages as something already written for you and you can't definitely change it.  If it is to be believed, your life is utterly useless. You don't need to do anything, If it's already written for you, something or other will definitely take you to that path, and hence the paradox.

Being an Atheist, I definitely don't believe in God, and hence I don't believe in anything that can possibly shape your future. You are responsible for your action and the result hence forth. I believe destiny is kind of a blame-game. This totally underestimates your capacity to achieve or do anything. For example, If u fail in an exam, you blame it on destiny that God had written for you and hence you failed. This vague reason can be applied to everything.

Living in the 21st Century, and as evolution explains, People should have become more smarter, more intelligent and cease to be responsible for their actions. "Everything happens for a reason" is totally a  deluded statement. The revised statement should be " Everything happens because of a reason". There is no karma or destiny. What you sow is what you reap. If you haven't studied for an exam you will definitely fail. If you are not wearing an helmet in course of an accident , there are high chances of head injury or even your death.

Now each of these events had some reason for which it happened. Nothing is written. If you would have studied, you would have passed, If you would have wore a helmet, you could have possibly survived. So things happens as you do it. You are the creator of your future, and your "destiny". For those who are interested in deeper logic of things, you can read my book here:  http://www.scribd.com/doc/230960076/You-are-God   

Now, Some curious minds will ask "If there is no fate, how do you explain passing in an exam even when you have studied nothing just because you wrote answers that made sense and you just passed" That's a great question to be asked. But the answer is pretty simple. One word- Probability. There is probability behind everything happening. Even the creation of Universe was probability. The Big Bang was mere a probability giving us life as we know it.

The main gist what I am trying to explain here is that People should know that they are responsible for their actions so that they can make better decisions. If everyone stops blaming someone else for what happens with them, we could get a more logical and responsible citizens and thus a developed nation.

Just out of curiosity, If anyone wants to know my logic behind atheism and why i chose it, I wrote a book about it which explains the scientific detail behind it. U can download it here: