Saturday, 19 July 2014

Anderson apologizes to Sir Jadeja

The recent event of an alleged fight between Anderson and Jadeja took a new turn today. Anderson apologized to Sir Jadeja just a day before the hearing and apparently the case has been adjourned. It is one of the first cases in ICC history where the case was dismissed on such grounds.

When our journalist at Faking News asked Anderson, what led him to take back the case and apologize to Sir Jadeja, he said, " Ever since that incident happened, nothing has been going well in our dressing room. Our players have started to feel unease and we are not able to give our 100% to the game. It's like God has wrath  curses on our team." When we asked Anderson, what really happened that day, he said " When I was bowling to Sir Jadeja, little did I know, he is a reincarnation of God. When I bowled him some dot balls, I thought I am greater than God and try to push him, but Sir tried to warn me of the consequences. I didn't really focus on that at  that time but now as I think of it, I can understand what have I done. Like any God, he didn't do anything himself but gave blessings to Rahane and Bhubeneshwar Kumar to destroy our team and it has been working all well for them." " I should not have argued with him at the God's own place- Lords" he continued.

When we talked to Sir Jadeja about the incident, he gave us a winky smile and said " People do mistakes. So did Anderson. He was consumed by anger. But being a Sir, It is my responsibility to forgive each one of them for their mistakes. I hope others will learn from him and don't do mistakes like this" he added, " The Lords is the mecca of cricket and having done that deed, he might have to face the consequences of losing this test but since I forgave him, it won't affect his long term career"

Dhoni who is always calm about these kinds of events said " This is the greatness of Sir to do this kind of act. Even I would had to think twice before forgiving me since he questioned the Lord on the Lords"

Meanwhile, our journalists asked opinion from Maria Sharapova about the recent events, and she said " Who is Sir Jadeja?" This has triggered anger among all the twitter fans and #askforforgivenessmaria is trending no.1 for the last 3 days. Also, In India, people were seen shouting slogans against Maria Sharapova for not knowing Sir. It seems like she will have to apologize too for this!!