Monday, 28 July 2014


                                                                INDIAN CULTURAL ENIGMA


This is something new for everyone. A disclaimer before a blog. Sounds cool. If It does, great for me. Anyways, the whole reason behind the disclaimer is to restrict the no. of audiences for this blog.
Statutory Warning:
Ye blog aapko bimaar bana sakta hai, bahut hi bimaar, aur ye kaafi badi jansankhya ke logon ka "butt hurt" kar sakta hai!!
This blog can make you sick, very sick and also this can be responsible for "butt hurt" to a large population.
I hope most of the narrow minded people have been filtered after reading this warning!! If you are still reading this, it's not a good news for both of us. I might get stone-pelted to death for commenting on Indian culture, and you might end up in Jail. So, It's better to keep this blog only to open-minded people. If you made up your mind to read this one, be sure to take next step with caution!!


Ask any random guy in India, "Why are you a proud Indian? What makes India different and proud?" The common answer will be it's culture. The way we have conserved our culture to this day is really to be appreciated and that makes India a cultural paradise.

Most of the Indian population above 40 years of age would strongly favor this point. But for me, this is one thing that is keeping India from development. At this age, India doesn't need any cultural wonder but jobs for all, forget job, food and shelter for everyone. It's the 21st century and still India's major problems are illiteracy and poverty. People would say I am totally diverting away from my point, but I am not. I will relate to each problem in the upcoming paragraphs.

Let's start with the condition of women in India. Well, it totally needs no introduction. India is famous all over the world for rapes and for how badly women are treated here in India. And who is to be blamed for this? Correct Answer. It's our culture. Right from the start, Women in India have always been figured as totally unimportant and sexual identity whose only work is to reproduce. And people of India have been carrying it all along in the name of culture, causing rapes and death almost every day in each part of India. Now I ask you this question. Is this what you are proud of?

Lets talk about illiteracy now. The main reason of Illiteracy in India is definitely overpopulation, as everyone would agree. People are being born at a much higher rate than the resources they are complying on. Go to any village, and mind it, 72.2% of Indian population lives in village, anyways back to the main point, most parents have 7-8 kids, and they are very proud of it. They will live in a small house, where there is not enough space to accommodate that many number of people, but still who is gonna stop them. They cannot use birth control methods even when it is being given to them for free, creating a new kid in house every year. Another reason for so many number of children is the aim to have a boy. They keep on doing their business until they get a boy, and then comes the lust for more boys. What's their use, when they are not sent to school for studies. This tradition has been going on for generations now, and guess what? We are really proud of our culture.

Another very shameful act going on still strong in our Indian Culture is the dowry system. It starts with their childhood. Girls are raised in India to do household items, cook great meals, and never ever talk back to the other sex. Even in well furnished family, it's such an irony that parents go on spending lakhs of rupees on dowry and marriage, but they can't afford to give an excellent education on that price, so that they could self sustain in this world. What strikes me the most is the Indian mindset on women. If a women becomes a widow or get divorced by any reasons, the society totally neglects that woman. In earlier times, women had to live their whole life in solitude. Don't forget such an amazing culture we have, and we have been protecting it so well.

Lets talk about the Great Indian Caste System. This is something Indians are always proud of. People cannot stop boasting about their caste in public and suppressing those of lower castes. With this comes, caste based politics and the amazing reservation system. The biggest loophole in the system if you are someone from lower caste, you can get admission into any esteemed college of the country even if you have got half of the marks, any general person would have scored. This thing made sense if it was categorized according to income not caste. There is a rule according to that too, but in India, if u have money you can do all kinds of work you want.. Another great example of what our culture has given us.

The last thing I would like to talk about is honor killing. That's one of the most shameless acts done by our so called "cultural" people. Many couples are burnt to death if they are found doing something against society. And believe me the rules are pretty stupid too, no sex before marriage, you can't find your own partner in marriage, and the list goes on and on. I, myself is not an advocate of Love (not again the concept of love, but in it's logic) , but people should have the right to do whatever they want, marry whoever they want. In our society, if a girl is seen with some random guy, she is categorized as a slut for having an affair before marriage. You can only marry a person of your parent's choice. I can never understand the logic behind this thing. How can another person know what you want or don't want. But still, this is India and logic eludes everything here. We have been carrying all along a great culture and we should not hamper it even when it blocks our freedom.

The only silver lining in India is that India is a young country with large no. of population in their 20s. That means there is still hope left. If every person is made aware of their rights, and are educated properly everyone can make their own decisions and scale India to a greater height. But looking at the current stats, It still will take more than 50 years to adapt to the surrounding, do what you want, not cling to any stupid culture, just because you were born with it...