Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Manipal for Dummies!!

You are stuck in this vicious cycle of the Indian education system. You are preparing for the highly esteemed and overrated J.E.E and you know you don’t stand a chance. You have heard of Manipal(not Sikkim wala) from some distant relatives or family friends who just can’t stop boasting about it. All you can think to yourself is it must be a big hype created by its students. OR IS IT?
To know what it really is like to be a Manipalite, you screw up your J.E.E (not really!) and you finally get admission in Manipal Institute of Technology( Nadella wala). Let us assume you are a from a small town and a middle class family. What would be the first thing that you notice when entering into the glorious Manipal Era. There is no marks for guessing. It’s the greenery of the campus and its glorious infrastructure. Naah, Just kidding. Hot girls. You would notice hot girls.
Manipal is located in the rocky hinterland of the Malabar Coast of south West India, about 8 km from the Arabian Sea. Having an advantage location wise, the open-mindedness of the people adds cherry to the cake. There is a famous song “Summer of 69" re sung by Indian artists dedicated to Manipal University and that song totally fits on your life once you are in Manipal. 
Manipal is like the sparky teenager of India which always likes to stay in the news. The irony is this teenage is over 50 years old and still partying hard. It has been known long for its partying spirit, but last year it covered the headlines with two of its graduates becoming the C.E.O of the software giants Microsoft and Nokia. Manipal still boasts of this tremendous achievement and people have actually got an idea where Manipal is. 
Being located in a very small area of 26 km^2, the life of every Manipalite revolves around few of the things that make Manipal what it is now. The word “Tiger” apparently has a wide importance in Manipal. First being the Tiger Circle, giving you a grand welcome to the University town and the other being “Eye of the Tiger” which has bended its mark in Manipal. Dee-Tee. This word is enough to put up spirit in a dying soul. Although it’s small, this pub has an amazing crowd and music and it has witnessed so many love stories in making. All these things make Dee-Tee the favourite place for students there. There are many places for hangout these days including the famous beaches- Malpe and Kaup. 
I guess I forgot we were talking about Manipal Institute of Technology, an engineering College. That implies we have to talk about the same old boring study stuff or may be not. Manipal has been famous among the companies for their student’s amazing communication skills. Being in India, you really can’t expect major difference in the teaching curriculum but having better soft skills certainly gives us an edge. Hence, the placements are soaring new heights every year making Manipal quite famous among the youth.
S.P, T.C, I.C,Sheila, Syndicate, O.B, K.C. These are the abbreviations any MIT graduate can never forget as if our life is dependent on it and actually it does. Oh and how can you forget Om Xerox, the billionaire shop from Manipal which functions as the Brain of Manipal. Spending time on I.C discussing the application of Continuity Equation( You are possibly an engineer, figure it out!) was every student’s favourite past time. Well No, the former part is true though . The favourite past time was appreciating the natural beauty.
“Born in India, Brought Up in Manipal”
This phrase became very famous among the pass outs of Manipal University. There is another phrase that goes “ You don’t know what you have until it’s gone”. This phrase doesn't actually describe Manipal pretty well. Because the moment you enter Manipal, you know its value. You don’t have to lose it in order to value it. Manipal is a way of living. Manipal is life.
Inspired by life. Inspired to live!!