Sunday, 21 September 2014


The most misunderstood underrated word of all time; Freedom. It has a meaning which varies with every person just as the word perfect. No one knows what they understand by freedom and what will they even do when they get that opportunity.
The dictionary states the definition of freedom as " the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement ". For a five year old kid, freedom means to play as much as he wants without their parent's consent. For a teenager, it can mean a wide range of things right from doing drugs to sex to even being a psychopath. As the age increases, the outlook on life changes and so does the requirement and definition of freedom.
We are always told to be the person who really are, we should follow our interests. But the real thing is we eventually become the person whom we ought to be and see for our entire life. A kid can become violent if their parents are of forcing and decisive nature. Same goes with introvert and extrovert people. There are some traits in our genes but the environment in which we grow up moulds a person. So, the definition of freedom changes with every family.
According to me, a person can never understand the true meaning of life and freedom if he has not seen places and different circumstances. If one lives in a closed box, his thinking can never cross that limit. It always revolves around the same thing. The ability to make decisions and knowing people comes with having seen every kind of situation.