Tuesday, 29 July 2014

After Kabaddi League, India set to launch Champu Chidiya Ud League!!

First, It was ICL, then came IPL, then Hockey League, and now Pro Kabaddi League. These sports have really found a place in our hearts and have managed to generate great revenue too. Following the footsteps of these league games, Indian Govt. in collaboration with Malaysian Airlines is set to launch a game we all have been playing since Childhood- Chidiya Ud.

When our journalist at Faking News asked an officer related to this event, he said " All the other games which are being played are mostly western sports. We merely have adopted them. But this time, we need to publicize our own sports which all of us have played in our childhood and we still play. We have collaborated with Malaysian Airlines since their revenue is dipping, we are ought to help them and also it will add a new sense of excitement among players. For example if a person says Malaysian Airlines ud, they can only raise their half finger as Malaysian Airlines surely flies but gets lost in the middle." So we have new set of  rules, which will be full ud, half ud, and nahi ud. This match will be of 15 minutes." he added.

As of now 12 franchisees from all over India are participating in India. The teams are from Lucknow, Banaras, Patna, Ranchi, Bhobal, Surat, Nagpur,  Gwalior, Gaya, Mangalore, Ooty and Goa. The full name and the logo of the team will be finalised later. Meanwhile, It caused a stir in the Bollywood Industry to buy different teams.

KRK has been made the Chief Entertainer for this game. When we asked an official about the final reports, he said " This game doesn't require any investment, therefore no one could have done a better job than KRK who is finally happy to be a 2rs aadmi. This game has only been limited to smaller cities as they have much more popularity there and these days every city wants a team.

The CEO of this Champu Chidiya Ud League said " Right now, we are starting with 12 basic cities, but as we gain popularity, we want to reach every city of India which could account to almost 1200 cities. We want this game to be played everywhere and hence we are working on its popularity"

Meanwhile a Goa Minister finally seemed pretty happy with this move and said " It is a great move to preserve our culture and make our country move back to the stone Age. they have even named this league on me "Champu", he said with ecstasy.