Monday, 9 February 2015

2014 in Butts!

2014 saw a lot of trends varying from FIFA to ISIS or from war in Gaza to Kim Kardashian’s Butt breaking the Internet. Oh Well, I said it, Butts. It ruled most of the 2014 with Kardashian eventually freezing the Internet with her huge butt.

Many claimed that it was a fake butt, and in this particular picture, it actually looked like it. But She said that it isn’t her fake butt and we have known Kim to be a very generous and kind woman for she has ruled the Internet pereodically. She has been kind enough to gift the humankind her sex tape which eventually skyrocketed her image. So we should definitely trust her to be true. Although that doesn't answer the question to why her butt looks like two butt joined together, I guess it would be the mystery of the ages and Scientists somewhere probably would have started working on that.

And then we also had Miley Cyrus with her twerking and damn it was so funny. She started off the twerk trend and her butt is not big at all. So Why did she do it at all? Could you believe your eyes? I definitely couldn't. Maybe, Butt is the answer and question to so many things.

There was also Nicki Minaj with her viral video “ Anaconda”. If you are a butt lover and you have not seen this video yet, then you certainly have missed a big deal. She carried on the trend set by Miley Cyrus in Twerking and all she did in her music video was twerk along with other fine respectable ladies out there. So basically there was a lot of butts to be seen all around grooving to the music. I wonder what was the use of word Anaconda in this video!!

Coming back to India, we had our own version of Kim Kardashian — K.R.K. No, Damn, I am not going to talk about his butt, I think talking about Miley’s butt was enough. K.R.K started off his chain of tweets: “Please RT if you think that “fill in your choices” has the biggest butt in Bollywood”. The name included that of Parineeti, Katrina, Deepika and Sonakshi. Sonakshi was quick to respond with her tweet “Please RT this if u think @kamaalrkhan is a woman disrespecting waste of space and deserves to be hung upside down and given 4 tight slaps.” This news was not a global piece but it definitely stirred news in India and K.R.K finally managed to maintain his decorum and respect in the industry.

Any ways, at the end of the day, girls were known to have butt and it went all crazy swirling the news and apparently “breaking” it too. But what’s the big deal, everyone has a butt. I have one, you too do. Some manage to do new things with it and it gets famous. Well, polishing it and making random moves with music is now old, so think of something new.

“One butt to rule them all” could be an apt quote for the year 2014 but there were also butts which acted as a catalyst in igniting the initial reaction before we got the big butt news.

And yes, in 2014, Men were not supposed to have Butt.