Sunday, 22 February 2015

10 things India need to change!

At certain point of time, We all agree to the fact that India needs change. People blindly blame the Politicians for not doing work, but most of the things can be improved by the public itself.  I have taken down 10 points which India needs to change:

1. Loiter in Public- This problem persists in all parts of the countries, at some places it's worse than the other. It's the public's duty to keep their roads and city clean

2. Pee in Public-  This is the worst of them all. Indian Men consider this a symbol to their manhood to pee anywhere they want be it a bus stop, empty wall or any road, as a matter of fact. If asked, Can't you control that for some time, they have a simple answer to that, Why would I do that, if I have got the privilege to pee anywhere?

3. Breaking Queue- Believe me, It happens in all parts of the country. Celebrities or MP's who apparently consider themselves important often break the line to get their job done. If you go to UP or Bihar, they might even take out a gun against you. And so, the system goes on and on.

4. Staring in Public- This is the most common scenario on Indian roads. It has succumbed to this level that it is now considered normal in India. Passing cheap comments, clicking pictures without permission happens every time and there is no one to complain.

5. No Respect for Historical Monuments- "Blah loves Blah", the most common lines found in any monuments of India. Every Wall, every door written with these bullshit. Well,we Indians have a great way of expressing our love.

6. Indian Standard Time- Indians have their own definition of time. If you are being called in a meeting at 10 A.M, the perfect time to arrive at the spot would be 10:10 AM, that way you would leave a mark on everyone of them, that's the excuse most of us gives.

7. More Interested in Other's Life- This is a completely true fact. Indians don't give a shit on what they do, but make sure they know everything about the neighbours. Just because the neighbour’s son got into IIT, you must get there too.

8. Engineer or Doctor- This trend is now setting off lately, but it still is prevalent in most parts of the country. There are only two professions in this World, doctor or Engineer. If you can't be one of those, your life will be ruined and no one will marry you. Believe me, that's what it is told.
Parents in India have a great habit of imposing their dream on you even if you don’t have any interest in it.

9. Priorities- The greatest example in this thing is dowry. A parent could spend 25 lakhs on dowry for marriage of her daughter, but can't spend that equivalent of money to teach her and make her own decisions. And apparently, In India, you can't make your own decisions in marriage too. you just have to do arranged marriage, if u like it or not.

10. Hypocrisies in Religion- Most of the population in India are ignorant of the teachings of their religion, but they go on pounding it and will go to any extent to defend it. The riots taking place almost every time in India is one such example. If that's not enough, there comes caste and its divide. What's the point of fighting over all these petty things when you can't defend the origin of any god. There is no proof of their existence why fight over it?