Thursday, 25 December 2014

pK- An Honest Review peekay!

Alcohol acts a sedative on the central nervous system which in turn impairs the coordination and concentration. Hence, the system of judgement is weakened and suddenly speaking our mind out doesn't seem a bad option making you more honest.

So, here I am drunk after watching pK with that little bit of prejudice kicked out to give an honest review to the much awaited and talked about movie pK.

Indian fans are prominently divided in three streams- Shahrukh fans, Salman Fans and Amir Fans. So, if any Shahrukh movie comes out, vast majority of Amir fans will criticize that movie and vice-versa. Although pK makes an exception here. There were actually very less percentage of people disliking this movie. There were definitely some who had problems with the criticization of Hindu religion calling Amir an hypocrite for not commenting anything about the religion of Islam.

The movie starts off with Amir's spaceship landing on Earth for some research. His remote control getting stolen by an Indian person and how he manages to survive on Earth without any communication skills. Things take an interesting turn when he finds out the dedication with which people pray to God by bribing him. This makes him question the roots of religion by asking the most basic question- "Are you worshipping the right God?"

The movie manages to entertain the audience right through the movie. There were some loose spots in the movie here and there but still manages to pull it off nicely. Like any Rajkumar Hirani movie,  it was a great combination of story and humour with a strong message. This could definitely be the best movie of 2014, but one should definitely not compare it to 3 Idiots. If you go to the movie theatre with that mindset, you are ought to have disappointment.

The only problem with the movie was not to focus entirely on the topic it is sending a message on. It mixed up with the love story of Sushant and Anushka thus making the story line a bit weak although that part mixed up well with the story. The much focussed one-on-one Interview in the movie turned out to be an disappointment as it could have focused more on the strong point and less on their love patch. Another weak point with the movie was its music. It just turned out to be average unlike any other Blockbuster. The entertainment quotient decreases a bit due to that but the music and the songs actually fit in good between the dialogues, hence it compliments it well.

The best part of movie was Amir's acting. With this movie, he showed why is he called a perfectionist. He plays the character very well and certainly compliments it very well. If you are a deeply religious person and would not like to hear anything against religion, you still can watch the movie for Amir's acting for it was near perfection. Anushka, Sushant and Sanjay Dutt also plays an equal and important contribution in making the movie a success.

Overall, pK is definitely a movie worth watching. It sends a strong message to the audiences. As an atheist, this obviously weighed the movie in a good way. Year 2014 saw many blockbuster movies with same damaged story line, pK manages to end 2014 well with an entertaining story line and Hirani perfectly does what he is known for- teaching the people, coming out with new ideas to send a great message.

Rating- 3.5/5