Sunday, 21 September 2014

Love- Is it what it is??

What is the definition of love?
The most underrated and over hyped thing in this world.  Being in India, one could hear lots of crime and suicides done on the name of love. But why is that done? Is it because people expect something and get something else in return!!
I have most often being accused for not believing in love. According to people, love is like some fairy tale and things just start to look pretty good all of a sudden. Being a very realistic and logical person, I have always doubted that. I have always defined love as the combination of lust and habit. A person of any sex only gets attracted to the person of other sex because of his needs. Everyone wants just one thing eventually- Sex. Too bad, it's considered a taboo in our society. People feel shame in discussing these topics in open, thus undermining their needs and wants causing people to take extreme steps.
It really didn't start that way. The first child would have been conceived only because of an experiment and the need to expand your territory, thanks to Darwin's theory of Survival of Fittest. As  time passed by. the need to expand took the shape of lust. Everyone knows one takes better interest in doing things if they like it. People started liking it eventually and thus the taboo.
Whenever I talk about the lust and habit thing, the most common question I face is " Don't you love your Parents?"
Well, I definitely do according to your definitions of love but if we think better, we are basically habituated to live with them and like them. No one likes change. Once you get the habit of something, it's difficult to cope up with that. That causes the misconception of people that they still love that person.
The harsh reality is no one loves anyone. It's the time spent with them that matters. And if there was some concept of love, our society wouldn't have that much privilege for good looking people. I have never met a single person who doesn't want a partner as good looking as Aishwarya Rai or Tom Cruise. Every one appreciates beauty. But why is that? There is a simple reason behind that too. We ,primates  have evolved to live in groups and get their appreciation. Apparently, if you have a beautiful partner, your respect in Society increases.
I know, most of the people reading this blog won't agree to it. I have rarely met few people as of now who has the same belief as me. But again, if one reads this with open mind, this actually makes sense. The only answer I get most of the time is that you haven't found the right person yet. That's why you don't believe in this. Once you meet that person, you will understand what love feels like. I have a different theory for this too. What people call finding the right person is basically probability and compatibility for me. For me, If i get a person like that, it will be because I am compatible with that person because of our shared interests ans common thought process..