Saturday, 21 June 2014

Where does our morality come from?

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“Satan worshiping scum . . . Please die and go to hell . . . I hope you get a painful disease like rectal cancer and die a slow painful death, so you can meet your God, SATAN . . . Hey dude this freedom from religion thing sux . . . So you fags and dykes take it easy and watch where you go cuz whenever you least expect it god will get you . . . If you don't like this country and what it was founded on & for, get the fuck out of it and go straight to hell. PS Fuck you, you communist whore . . . Get your black asses out of the U.S.A. . . . You are without excuse. Creation is more than enough evidence of the LORD JESUS CHRIST'S omnipotent power.”

These were the exact words used by some creationist found on the internet. And they ask, where does your morality come from? Need I say more? And does your God need so extreme defense just to prove him.
This is the most common question asked by almost all the people “If you don‟t believe in God, what do you live for, and where does your morality come from? And yeah, you must be very selfish”.

Well, I have a questions from Atheists too “Do u need a religion to be moral? Is it necessary to be connected to “God” to do things of sympathy, and kindness”, if your answer is yes to these questions, there is lack of morality and empathy in you, my friend, not atheists. We can still have dignity, sympathy and other traits without any religion to cling to..

Some intelligent creationist might ask, if you believe in Darwin‟s Theory and theory of natural selection, then you must be utterly selfish, and should not at all care about others.

Well, yes, there is logic behind that too. There is a saying in English “You scratch my back, I will scratch yours”. The whole reason lies behind this simple sentence. Evolution has always worked out this way. Primates were evolved to live in groups. So, with passage of time, they have started to feel the need for empathy. This explains the reason, why you feel sad, looking at a homeless child begging, or a dog being hit.
Other emotions like sexual desire, happiness, and sadness have all been evolved from scratch. The theory of natural selection states that to stay in the environment, you have to dominate over other organisms. So to survive over other organisms, humans needed to grow in number, this caused the desire for sexual intercourse and hence reproduction. The best way for natural selection to build in both kinds of lust in ancestral times was to install rules of thumb in the brain. Those rules still influence us today, even where circumstances make them inappropriate to their original functions.

Evolutionary Biologist Richard Dawkins in his book “The God Delusion” has explained all about the Darwinian Theory and detailed reasoning for the sympathy we have developed. He has also explained in his book, about mathematical game theory in this study. “Mathematical theory allows two broad classes of stable solution to 'games' of this kind. „Always be nasty' is stable in that, if everybody else is doing it, a single nice individual cannot do better. But there is another strategy which is also stable. ('Stable' means that, once it exceeds a critical frequency in the population, no alternative does better.) This is the strategy, Start out being nice, and give others the benefit of the doubt. Then repay good deeds with good, but avenge bad deeds.' In game theory language, this strategy (or family of related strategies) goes under various names, including Tit-for-Tat, Retaliator and Reciprocator. It is evolutionarily stable under some conditions in the sense that, given a population dominated by reciprocators, no single nasty individual, and no single unconditionally nice individual, will do better. There are other, more complicated variants of Tit-for-Tat which can in some circumstances do better.

Another thing from human society has been build is trust. People who have gained trust among other beings, tend to get more generosity and the one who cheat, and go against society rules are punished. This causes the humans to behave accordingly with compassion to gain an important trust in the society.

The Harvard biologist Marc Hauser, in his book Moral Minds: How Nature Designed our Universal Sense of Right and Wrong has said “Driving our moral judgments is a universal moral grammar, a faculty of the mind that evolved over millions of years to include a set of principles for building a range of possible moral systems. As with language, the principles that make up our moral grammar fly beneath the radar of our awareness.”

I guess it might be an elaborate and detailed answer to the question “Where does your morality come from”. It‟s Science. If u just need religion to be moral, and to be approved by God, you have serious concerns to worry about, other than questioning science..